The Malus Menagerie

So what are the Malus? They are a collection of chimera-like beasts that I’ve uncovered from off-cuts of apple wood – hence the name Malus. I have created a Latin-based nomenclature that attempts to classify their chimera attributes, although in some cases the definition is open to personal interpretation.

I have tried to refrain from cutting into the wood too much, so I don’t impose my view of what it should be. Instead, I go through a process where chip and sand away the layers of bark trying to keep the as much of the of integrity of the original piece; then carve, whittle and shape its features to enhance the found form.

With some pieces, I only work on one side and try to keep some semblance of the original form on the reverse, so you get some idea of where the Malus has emerged from. This may have some relevance in the future when I get the proposed kid’s book off the ground.

To understand the process further, try Hunting The Malus and Uncovering The Malus.